Thursday, March 21, 2013

A New Start

Hey Everybody!

     Turns out I am going to be starting up this blog again! I am pretty happy about this because when in 6th grade I had so much fun writing, posting, and getting feedback on my blog. Well, I'm not entirely sure what Mrs. Hanecak will want us to post but even still I will be trying to post more on my own time anyway. And WOW do I have a lot to talk about! A lot has happened since whenever I last posted on this blog. I've met knew friends and sadly lost a few old ones but I'll save that for my later posts. Bye! :D


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Middle School

Hey Everybody! I am going to try and keep this blog going but it is going to be difficult because I am now in middle school and sadly I am going to get lots of homework. But anyway I wanted to talk about starting middle school. On the first day I was super nevous, I had no idea where my classes where and I didn't know who was in my classes. After the first day I realized my friend Olivia was in literally all of my classes. I really was worring for nothing. But I want to give some advice for peope who are just going into middle school, don't panic everything will be alright just find some people you know who are in your classes and ask if they know where the classroom is. If they don't know just ask a teacher, they are always really nice on the first day and will be glad to show you where your class is. Also don't freak out about homework either, most likely durring the day at some point you will have a study hall or some time to do watever. Do your homework durring that time, it gives you less to do at home and really it makes you less stressed and makes you feel proud of yourself for getting it done. And as for lockers, use them as much as possible unless you want your back to hurt. You really don't need to carry every binder at once, most likely between classes you have time to stop at your locker. Just take the stuff that you need for that class and maybe for the next one but that really is all you need. Also going into middle school can be really fun, you start to feel older and admiditly I love having a locker! Well I hope this can be helpful for at least one person. As always keep checking back for new posts and a keep the comments coming!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Should I continue?

Hey Everybody! I'm really sorry for the lack of posts but I want to enjoy what little of summer I have left. But anyway I was thinking and I'm wondering, should I continue this blog? I don't think anyone even reads my blog and no one ever comments on my posts. Also I almost never have time to post or I just never remember because I usually post on my Ipod because I am always on it but don't even seem to notice the blogger app. But seriously if anyone actually reads my blog and enjoys it well just comment and tell me to continue. I doubt anyone will comment but I'm putting it out there if you're reading this. Also I need advice on what to post. I seriously doubt you all care about my life so any ideas, tips, hints on what to post will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. As always keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments coming!


Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm back home!

Hey Everybody! Super sorry about the delay on this post but come on I just got home and I wanted to relax and in all honesty I forgot I had a blog -_- But anyway I went to camp did all the stuff I explained in my post Summer and went to my Grandma's an got spoiled :) I got Super Paper Mario for wii an I bought a bunch of clothes. But something I really liked was going to see a percussion show called Recycled Percussion. It was so much fun you got to bang on pots and pans and other junk along to the music and the 4 guys were really funny I would recommend trying to go to that show. I'm sorry but I'm going to mak this short because well I'm typing this on my ipod and I just got my middle school tetnis or however thats spelled shot and my left arm is sore. As always keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments comming! Oh and I almost forgot! If you have instagram please follow me my username is owlicious_ad I dont usually post pics of me I just post pics of things that I find cool or interesting. But anyways, BYE!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

NV here I come!

Hey Everybody! On the 13th of July I am flying out to Nevada! I have had and absolutely amazing summer so far and I'm looking forward to going to Nevada and California but I'll miss my friends here in my tiny little town. But it's not for too long and I will get to see my best friend from camp! A lot of my friends are also heading to different states for the summer and I would like to wish them a safe journey and I hope they have fun on their trip. Anywaysif you don't know what I'm up to then check out my blog posts to read it I believe it's called Summer. I sadly won't be able to post that much when I'm in Nevada and California because camp has no wifi and I'm not sure about the wifi at my grandma's house. Oh well I will be sure to write a good long post when I get back from my trip i believe it last 2 weeks. I promise I will post more durring the school year but I mean com on it's summer! I want to have some fun and well as fun as writing is I'd rather be with friends or at the beach. As always keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments coming!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July! Sorry again for the lack of post but come on it's summer I have stuff to do and places to go! I will most likely start writing on my blog more when school starts but as for now, there won't be that many posts. Anyways back to Fourth of July. I'm really mad that almost every year it is cloudy and almost rains. /:( I mean come on! This only happens once a year and we want to see fireworks! It's kinda like when ever there is a big solar event like the transit of venus or a solar eclipse it is cloudy so you can't see it. Well I hope everyone has a great 4th of July and actually get to watch fireworks!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Old and Forgotten

Hey Everybody, This is an old draft that I forgot to publish. I thought I might as well publish it since I have been lazy on my posts so here it is. I'm kind of sad right now because it's raining and that means no field day, and no kickball game. Tomorrow is the last day of school and it is supposed to rain. I'm kind of mad that the student council didn't schedule it on a day that it wouldn't rain because they could have checked the weather for today. Also they scheduled it at the last moment because the student council members in charge were apparently too lazy to just walk over to our principals office to schedule a day for the game! I'm really mad because those two people were terrible student council members. Last year the student council got a LOT more done and had a successful kickball game. But of course they were voted in because they are popular and everyone likes them, but they didn't do a thing for student council. Sorry to rage but this really annoys me. I will change the topic. Tomorrow is the last day of school! At the end of school the graduating class, that's us, gets to run down the hallway while giving everyone high fives. It will be a lot of fun! Hopefully the weather will be warmer because for the last few days the weather has been cold and rainy. I know I already mentioned it but I need to make these posts a little bit longer.


Plans for Future

Hey Everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy. Who am I kidding? I've just been kinda lazy.-_- Anyway I wanted to talk about a bunch of stuff and well they all fall into the category of the future so... THAT'S THE TITLE! Ok back on topic, I first want to start of talking about softball. I am currently playing in All Stars since we finished the season on the other team. I am the catcher on the team... but I have some competition. Our teams are originally divided into two teams, the green team (my team) and the blue team. There is a catcher who was on the blue team and she is pretty good too. Of course first game I felt terrible and completely blew it as catcher so the other catcher has gotten to play more innings but I redeemed myself the next game by not letting anyone get home. What this has to do with the future is I bought myself a catcher's glove. I used to just use my normal glove and I was perfectly fine but I think I need to start using an actually catcher's glove. Next year I will be joining the middle school softball team, luckily the teams catcher just graduated so they are now catcher less which leaves that opening to me. I plan to continue playing softball hopefully as catcher all the way through school even college. It's a good way to get a scholarship and it is just simple an awesome sport. Ok next subject. I wanted to talk about my drawings. I have gotten way better and I am excited to start taking the middle school classes. I really want to start some animations like my sister does because she truly is amazing! You know what, why not check out her website? You'll love her drawings especially if you're a brony. Here is her deviantART:

Check it out if you have time, she really is amazing at art. And I guess I should now admit, I am a pegasister. If you don't know what that means than I really feel bad for you you're missing out. If you know and your like "oh my little pony's a baby show for girls why would you like it?" than shut up and listen. My little pony used to be just what people think a show for baby girls. But My Little Pony got a new writer and animator person so it has completely changed. I know the title is misleading and sadly so is the intro which most people make there judgements on but the storyline is really interesting. I was like most people at first and thought it was stupid, than I watched 1 episode and I loved it. There of course is a little girly stuff in it because that was the original range of viewers but there really isn't that much girly stuff. I know that most of the characters are girls but later on in the series the boy ponies start coming into the storyline. Plus Rainbow Dash and Applejack are serious tomboys so that makes up for the loss of male characters in the beginning. Oh and let me just say older boys, teenagers, adults like this show. Sadly not many younger boys like the show because they are too "cool" to ever watch a show about ponies. Even more sadly no kids in my grade, boys and girls have tried to watch the show because again they are too "cool". I have a few friends who actually have watched the show and enjoy it as much as I do but they enjoy anime. I guess good artists and anime lovers are the first to enjoy My Little Pony. Ok I have ranted on enough. Keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments coming!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teachers Going Down!

Hey Everybody! The kickball game is back on! I'm no longer trying not to be competitive. Hey! The teachers are talking smack to us, there's no way I'm not going to talk smack back! Ah rhyming I hate rhyming! Oh well. Today is definitely going to be an amazing last day of school, we are going to play Minute to Win it, we'll have some time to do whatever we want, and of course we have the all school kickball game! Sadly almost all of the school will be cheering for the teachers, to bad, they will be disappointed when we WIN! Ok I got to stop or the teachers might get mad at me. (We are so going to win.) Today is so perfect the weather is beautiful and everyone is happy. I promise by the way to keep me blog going during the summer, but I can't post too often because I will be all over the place. And wifi is bad while traveling. Ok I'm getting kicked of the computer right now. Keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments coming!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warning! This is Going to be Long

Hey Everybody! Oh boy this is a tough assignment, I have to write the longest post ever so get ready. Let me just start off by saying what's going on right now. Unfortunately softball is over and I have no clue what place we came in so... But on the bright side All Stars is starting up this Tuesday. I really love softball I can't wait to play on the middle school team next year. Well let me talk about something that I can blab on about. ART! Well I have nothing but good news for this! I'm getting better and better at art an I'm making 3-D models of characters from minecraft. I have even started to sell them so I can get some money to spend on some more advanced art kits. I have made 3 sales but sadly they forgot their money. -_- Well one of them brought their money I think but I'm not sure. I listed the pictures of them on instagram. The characters I make are, The Default Human, (with and without a pick axe) a Creeper, a Zombie, an Enderman, a Spider, a Slime, and a Skeleton (with bow). I plan to make the characters from the nether but I just finished these so give me a break. I have a lot of fun making these 3-D models and selling my art is kind of like what my oldest sister is doing. She's way better at art than me of course, I mean she's 10 years older than me! Now let me talk about something that I read on the news. Apparently in I forget which year, an asteroid is supposed to hit the Earth. And it's dangerous too, it's really huge and could kill a lot of people. But of course scientist plan to knock the asteroid of it's course and away from Earth. I think that you can see the asteroid next year but it won't be a threat till a few years after. Scary. And I just read a book where an asteroid hits the moon and it knocks it closer to Earth, sinking all of the states and countries near the ocean. So it's like an end of the world book and it reminds me of that. Hopefully nothing will happen and we will knock it away from Earth. Another sad thing is that it's pretty cold here for it being June. Well it's hot in California and Las Vegas so I will get my nice warm summer. :) Ok lets move on to something even happier, I might take some archery lessons. I want to train myself with at least one weapon so I choose the bow and arrow, it's really handy because it shoots far distance but it's challenging because it takes time to reload the arrow.

Ok I'm continuing this post on Tuesday morning so now I have some more news. Turns out we may not have the all school kickball game due to bad weather. PLEASE LET IT NOT RAIN! I've been waiting for this ever since I started kindergarten! Also today is our last full day of school. I love my elementary school and I'm going to miss it. I will love my middle school though, and I will get to see some of my best friends there! Ok happy news, camp is in a little over a MONTH! I can't wait to see my best friend there! The camp I go to is a Christian Camp as already stated in my post Summer. Ok this post is long enough. As always keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments coming!

Friday, June 8, 2012

If I Could Write a Letter to Me

Hey Everybody! Well this it, moving up is tonight. I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. Let me recap on some of my favorite, most memorable days of the year.
  1. Walking into sixth grade on the very first day of school.
  2. The power going out for an entire week.
  3. Getting braces.
  4. We get the news that Ashley is joining our class.
  5. And soon to be, our moving up ceremony.
But what I wanted to talk about is this assignment we got. The assignment is to write a letter to our self. We will be given the letter when we graduate from high school. Anyone know the song "If I Could Write a Letter to Me"?  Well it's basically about how the singer wants to write a letter to himself asking about how things are now and giving himself advice. Sorry but I gotta leave I'm late to get back to class.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fortune Cookie

Hey Everyone! I want to share something pretty cool, yesterday I got a fortune cookie and its fortune was: "Tomorrow something lucky and memorial will happen to you." I'm pretty convinced this will happen but I'm not saying that I am superstitious or anything I just believe that today with some blessings from God, something lucky and memorial will happen to me. I will pray and pray that this will happen to me. I have no clue though if God grants this fortune, what it will be. Can I get some ideas? I think that maybe it will happen during my softball game, that maybe I will be blessed with a good hit or maybe a home run. Other people got some good fortunes to in my class so my advice, pray and pray and ask God to preform a miracle and have your fortune come true. If you hadn't noticed yet I am a Christian, and if you aren't and don't believe in
God yet you have a fortune cookie, well than just try your best to make it come true. But I truly think God will bless me with this one miracle, and if He doesn't, well He doesn't and it's just another normal day. So everyone I hope you get blessed and have your miracle granted. As always keep checking back for more posts and keep the comments coming!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New York!

I know this is delayed and I'm sorry about that but I had a game yesterday and I couldn't post. We lost 14-15 it was so close! It was funny though because I was up to bat and I smacked a foul that almost went over the fence so when I went up to bat again the coach on the other team was yelling to the outfield "Back up! Back up!" It was so funny! The pitcher must have been nervous too because she pitched me really crazy pitches that were all over the place, so I didn't get to hit I got walked but the person after me she pitched all strikes! So funny. Ok I'm off topic. New York. We left on a Kelly bus to the Metropolitan Museum, I mainly looked at all of the paintings and sculptures. Next we left to a speed boat ride called The Beast, it was so much fun! We all got soaked to the bone and Sam lost his hat in the ocean and we watched it float away. After that we got some free time to shop so naturally I went to Nintendo World and bought a plushie of a Pokemon and a Zelda hat for my sister. Later we went to The Top of The Rock, this really tall building that we got to see all of New York from. I went in their gift shop and bought some rock candy, yum! After that we went to the Carnegie Deli. I order a huge turkey burger and split it with my mom, and for desert chocolate fudge layer cake! After that we shopped for a few minutes, I bought two t-shirts, one purple I <3 New York (You can't go to New York without getting an I <3 New York shirt) and a pink shirt that said Best of New York. And finally we went on the bus home. It was awesome! If you've never been to New York please try and go you won't regret it. As always keep checking back for new posts and keep the comments coming!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Blabbing Is REALLY Easy To Do

Hey Everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts last week has been super busy, I have to finish some last minute assignments, I have the start of the playoffs for baseball and I need to think about my schedule for middle school. I got some bad news. I'm not sure if I already said but I will not be able to take band until high school. If I already said why, than good for you just skip this part. The reason is I want to take art and band but I can only take one. I thought I could take W.I.T. band (Whatever It Takes is kinda like a study hall but I could have taken band during it.) but they are changing the schedule so I no longer have that option. I have decided to take art because well I'm getting a lot better at it I've been told by several people it looks professional but I want to start graphic art like my sister. I mean if I'm going to her college than I need to learn what she learned. Ok I got way off topic this was supposed to be about New York but I guess I will post about that later. Anyway I really want to say I was in this little drawing competition and I lost even though the person who voted for the "drawer" said her drawing looked like a little kid drew it and said that mine look amazing and that it looked professional. -_- Weird. The other vote for her was because of favoritism and I don't mean of the drawing. The best judge by far voted for me he said that my drawing was clearly the best and said that it look really professional. THAT COMPETITION WAS FIXED! And the other person had color and I didn't so they gave her points for that even though the rules clearly stated color didn't count because all I had was a pencil. Ok I'll be more interesting this is starting to sound like a diary. Lemmie be interesting, my softball team is currently in second and we have a game today if it doesn't rain. Now here is a debate, if a person just struck out and the catcher dropped the ball, but instead of running they step out of the batters box, are they automatically out? I say yes they are out. This happened at our game and the ump said they were not automatically out. I was the catcher of course and I threw them out at first but someone stole home. The ump really must not know the rules and be blind because we lost 6-3 but if we had a good ump that knew the rules and wasn't blind it would have been 3-3. (I'm just joking she wasn't blind sorry if I'm insulting any blind people.) Ok well I've tortured you people enough, next time I post I promise not to blab like a weirdo.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hey Everyone! Huh, I can't believe I never wrote about this but for those who don't know I have braces. Yup braces. I just got them tightened yesterday and that made me think to write about how I have these little metal monsters on my teeth. I'm kidding they're actually not bad at all. I've had them for over half a year now, (I know, time flies) and well I'm getting them off in 2 years. I'm so lucky I get them off before high school and after I'm pretty sure I just have to wear a retainer at night. My teeth have straightened so much since I first got them on, it's amazing! I had a crooked tooth and an overbite so I had top and bottom braces and those things called turbos that keep you from biting down all the way. But I'm getting the turbos off next visit! Yay I can finally bite down all the way! Unfortunately now I have to wear those rubber band things on my braces but only while I sleep but still they're so annoying! I couldn't open my mouth all the way and that really bothered me. Anyway I want to say that braces don't hurt. They only hurt a little about 3 hours after you get them on but that's pretty much it. Well gotta go, as always keep checking back for more posts and keep the comments coming!